Tree Trimming in Style

Christmas has a ton of traditions, more so than most other holidays. These traditions grow and change, but ultimately remain rooted in popular practices. Ornaments, presents, stockings, and family gathering together are just some of those traditions that people hold dear. Of all these practices, tree trimming is one of the most iconic. However, many are moving away from the classic style of round red ornaments. From country chic trees trimmed in burlap to pink trees with flamingo ornaments, people are putting their stamp on their trees. 

Red and green are the traditional colors of Christmas, but many have decided to step away from this tree trimming style. Red looks lovely on a fresh evergreen tree (or a plastic one, no judgment), and those shiny round red ornaments stand out against the branches. That is because red and green are complementary colors. This means they’re situated opposite on the color wheel. When complementary colors are mixed they make our eyes dance. They dazzle us with their stark contrast. But what are some of the other Christmas colors? What are some historical traditions people can look to for inspiration? How can we combine them to make our holidays even brighter?

Tree Trimming, Forest Style

Christmas trees have been around long before Christianity put its stamp on any of our holidays (look at Easter’s history, you’ll be shocked). Evergreens were special to people because they were a sign of health and vitality during the difficult months of winter. Boughs of fir, spruce, and pine were hung around doorways to ward off illness and evil spirits. It’s only natural then that a lot of people are opting to go more natural. Pine cones, wood garlands, and ornaments made of real wood are increasingly popular. Many are forgoing ornaments altogether to enjoy the natural beauty of a bare tree. 

Tree Trimming with Icy Blue

Winter is cold, at least for most of us (looking at you Hawaii). It makes us think of ice and snow. Building snowmen and cuddling by the fire. Many are taking inspiration from this season and bringing the chill indoors – in a good way! Blue looks stunning on a tree of any color and conjures feelings of winter’s chilly winds that perhaps the promise of a white Christmas and holidays spent playing in the snow. 

Tree Trimming the White Tree

Speaking of a white Christmas, it doesn’t get much whiter than a white tree! White is a canvas. It allows any colored decoration to stand out. This means you can have a different color theme every year and know it’ll look beautiful for the holidays. 

A Themed Tree Trimming

We have many holidays besides Christmas and for many a decorating aficionado, taking down their beautiful tree is a drag. So why not make a tree for every holiday? Or even to showcase your love for cats, or gardening, or anything. Giving your tree a new look when the mood strikes give you an excuse to never stop the tree trimming tradition! 

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