Something to Honk About

As many of our patients know, the Pinnacle Physical Therapy office sits beside a pond. This lovely pond is home to the resident Canada geese. During April we had a few new additions added to the goosey crew! On my first day at the office, I was so excited to see some adorable baby geese (goslings) waddling after their parents right outside our window. What a great first impression of my new journey with PPT!

Now I know, I know – not everyone likes geese. My husband is particularly averse to them and mentions it every time I talk about the geese hanging around our office. I’m finding out he has a pretty common story. That is, he a goose attacked him as a child! While at the zoo with family, a pair of geese approached. His mother and grandmother surrounded him to keep him safe, but the geese were too fast for them.

Side-stepping the adults, they bit my husband, and he’s had a distaste for waterfowl ever since. I was fortunate that I never had that goose-related experience, so it’s hard for me to relate. I think they’re so cute! I would also love to have one but have gotten a resounding “no” in response to that request.

I’ll have to be satisfied with the geese here at our office. We’ve been watching our goose family here at PPT grow every day, and their transformation has been amazing to witness. Very soon, they will be adults and flying on their own. In fact goslings can fly 2-3 months after hatching! Speaking of goose facts, did you know:

  • Nesting season: Mid-March to mid-May
  • The mother goose waits until all eggs are laid before she begins to sit on the nest to incubate eggs.
  • All geese eggs in a single clutch hatch on approximately the same day.
  • The Canada geese population grows about 19.5% each year.

You can check out some more goose facts HERE. Maybe learning a few facts about them can help alleviate the suffering geese have caused some people – but I doubt it.

When you come to our office be on the lookout for these little guys, and feel free to go behind the building to see the pond. It’s very peaceful watching the birds on the water taking life at a leisurely pace.

I think we could all learn a little from geese. Take things slow, don’t back down, and make an impression wherever you go – even if it’s in someone’s way, such as in front of my car when I try to leave in the evenings.

Do you think we should name them?