Education and Skills

Continuing Education Units (CEUs), Enjoy Free Online Courses at CALS

There is nothing quite like a library. When you walk through the door you’re greeted by the smell of books and people writing or studying in the quiet. On the shelves sits a plethora of knowledge and stories, all free for you to peruse and borrow. But did you know that books aren’t the only source of knowledge at your local library? Often libraries offer free online courses. The Central Arkansas Library System (CALS) is no different and offers a varied online curriculum courtesy of Universal Class. Many of the classes offer opportunities to earn certificates and Continuing Education Units (CEUs). Whether you’re just looking to expand your mind or working towards giving your resume a boost, CALS offers a variety of classes. There truly is something for everyone on Universal Class. 

The Online Curriculum

  • Writing Courses

Are you looking to improve your writing skills? Universal Class offers courses in basic writing structures and over 55 different CEUs courses. Whether you’re looking to write effective emails at work or that novel you’ve planned for years, you can find classes suited for you in the Universal Class online curriculum. These courses help your resume stand out, especially since resume writing is one of the online courses you’ll find on the site as well. 

  • Business and Entrepreneurship

Some of the most beneficial CEUs in Universal Class’s online curriculum are those pertaining to business practices. With over 100 classes, you can learn about common business practices as well as proper social interactions amongst coworkers and employees. If you’re looking to start your own business there are many classes focused on becoming a successful entrepreneur as well. These classes can help you create structure in your new business. 

  • Computer Training and Web Development

Every job description changes with new advancements in today’s technology. Keeping up with those changes will give you an edge in a competitive job market. With over 80 classes at your disposal, you can gain new skills and expand your knowledge base. Skills utilizing computer programs for web development and social media are in high demand in this day and age. Staying on the cutting edge and keeping up with technology trends can give you a leg up during your job search.

Universal Class provides so many online courses it’s difficult to list them all in one article! You truly can find almost anything, even classes about caring for your pet! It is a wonderful service that allows people from all walks of life access to formal education for free. All you have to do is get a library card! To do that just visit the Central Arkansas Library System’s website by clicking here