Quick Tips for Going Green with your Pet

Going green is the new big thing. It helps the planet, and it can help you save money too. Let’s be real, we all know that means more money to spend on your pets in the long run, but it can also mean happier and healthier pets in the future.

Check out these tips for keeping the earth fit.

  1. Recycle pet food cans and plastic containers, such as those used for cat litter.  
  2. Speaking of litter, use the environmentally friendly kind. Clay litter is bad news because the dust irritates their respiratory system.  
  3. Since we’re talking about bathroom habits, remember to scoop your dog’s poop as it can pollute surface and groundwater.  
  4. If you’re picking up poo for your Cockapoo, remember plastic fills landfills; so biodegradable bags are the way to go.  
  5. Bags too close and personal for you? Buy reusable products such a metal poop scoops and washable puppy pads. 

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