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The Importance of Father’s Day

The loss of a father is a hard thing, and with Father’s Day around the corner, I’ve been thinking about this holiday a lot since losing my father on Mother’s Day this year. Unfortunately, both celebrations of parenthood will be difficult for me now. However, it is essential to remember why these holidays exist and… Continue reading The Importance of Father’s Day

Sports to Keep Your Dog Active

Many of us enjoy walking with our dogs to get some exercise and fresh air. It not only benefits us and our overall health but our canine companions’ health as well. Exercise stimulates the mind of each species. For us, it frees our minds and lets us have a moment to take everything in stride.… Continue reading Sports to Keep Your Dog Active

Something to Honk About

As many of our patients know, the Pinnacle Physical Therapy office sits beside a pond. This lovely pond is home to the resident Canada geese. During April we had a few new additions added to the goosey crew! On my first day at the office, I was so excited to see some adorable baby geese… Continue reading Something to Honk About